Our first meeting – the trolley problem

We were reasonably successful in attracting people to the first meeting of THINK on Wednesday 9 December (thanks mainly to the HEART centre publicity). Thanks to all those who turned up, especially Phil and Ian from the TAIL PiPs group, your support was much appreciated.

Our discussion was on the so called ‘trolley problem’, a seemingly academic and pointless exercise given how unlikely it is to ever have to make a decision of that nature and the unlikelihood of a long internal or external philosophical debate occurring on noticing an out of control tram racing out of control toward some hapless work men.

The expected positions were discussed, from the utilitarian position of saving as many lives as possible to the view that the taking of any human life is immoral and should be avoided at all costs, that it is essentially a slippery slope.

We discussed the application to everyday life, from pilots to smart cars, where the consideration of passenger and pedestrian safety must be weighed up. This question is also important when considering the society we live in and how needs are weighed up.

We hope to see you all soon at our next meeting on Wednesday 13 January (details of the topic for discussion will follow shortly).


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