Dec 2015 – The trolley problem

We are hoping you will join us for our first meeting on Wednesday 9th December, 7-9 pm at the Heart Centre in Headingley. We will be meeting in the cafe.

As this is our first meeting, we thought it would be a good idea to think about the dilemmas posed by the trolley problem. The dilemma goes something like this: you are driving an out of control tram is hurtling down a track on course to take the left fork. There are 5 men on that track and 1 man working on the right fork. Whomever the tram hits, it will kill. Do you change the direction of the tram? Why or why not? Now imagine you are observing the scene from a bridge above the track standing next to a very fat man. You can see that pushing him off the bridge into the path of the tram would stop it, saving the 5 men, but killing him. What do you do? As I’m sure you can see, this leads to hours of thinking fun.

From here on out, we will be leaving it to our members to decide a topic to talk, if you have an idea, bring it along to our meeting on Wednesday.


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